Jew By You is Excited to Introduce Our New Learning to Read Hebrew Program
You can choose one of two learning to read Hebrew programs that fit the needs of your student, family and schedule. Both programs include access to an online Hebrew learning portal allowing us to tailor lessons and monitor progress for each individual student.
One on One Learning:
Sessions are purchased in packs or individually. Students meet one on one with teachers either in-person or online. In-person sessions take place at various public locations around Orange County on designated days. Schedules will be continually updated so that students can choose which day and location works best. Online sessions will take place on zoom and a calendar will also be made available for students to schedule sessions.
Cost: $100 materials and registration fee good through June 30, 2024 + $35/session if students are enrolled in Jew By You and $50/session for students not enrolled in Jew By You.
Self-Paced Learning:
Every student is unique and we know that some prefer to go at their own pace. This program allows the student to work through Hebrew reading proficiency at their own pace. Students will have full access to our Hebrew learning portal and will include one-on-one sessions with a teacher once per quarter as well as regular check-ins.
Cost: $100 materials and registration fee good through June 30, 2024 + $500 which includes quarterly one-on-one meetings and regular check-ins with teacher.
Students are able to switch between programs at any time during the year.

Learn Hebrew Registration

  • Price: $100.00
    You must choose this for both one-on-one tutoring and self-paced learning programs.
  • Price: $500.00
    You must also choose material's fee.
    Cost: $35/session for Jew By You students $45/session for non-Jew By You students