Soothing Our Spirits

Join Jodi and Rabbi Heidi for the class you all have been asking for (and not a moment too soon), Spirit Infusion. We’re talking Tequila and Vodka!
If you want to infuse with us (you’re welcome just to come hang out and schmooze), you will need the following:

Choose your base, tequila or vodka?
Know that with the tequila we will be cooking some of it down, therefore, you will need either two small bottles or one big bottle that you will divide in half. We recommend Sauza Reposado which you can find at Smart and Final for a great price. Any kind of vodka is fine. This will NOT be heated, so you will only need one bottle.

With what are you going to infuse?
We recommend your favorite bag of frozen fruit. This is great because as it comes to room temperature it will produce a little juice.

Instruments of infusion:

  • Pot for cooking if you are doing tequila
  • Blender if you are doing vodka
  • Strainer for big pieces of fruit
  • Coffee filter or tight mesh strainer to strain the small pieces after blending
  • Food thermometer, if you have one
  • Funnel – we have to put the spirit back in the bottle eventually

    Finally, you will need to REGISTER to join us and a bring a good sense of humor. 



Nov 02 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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